When dreams come true. Free pattern included.


I have always dreamt about having my own website. Quite recently I met two very special people. The first one let´s call her Veronika, is my yarn supplier and the other one is her husband. As she is literally glued to the hook, his hobby is designing websites. Both of them are having my deepest admiration.

In the middle of the August I purchased a webhosting and a domain for Krampolinka. Unfortunately I did not have time to do anything with it. But when I mentioned to let´s call him Robert, he was more excited than me always asking if I need any help with it. The orders for crochet baby sets kept coming and I started one three days ago. All of the sudden I put the hook aside and I told myself that today is the Day to start a web era for Krampolinka. I watched plenty of video tutorials for web designing then I opened Krampolinka web site and started. It took at about three days and the web page is half ready but I am so happy how it turned out so far. Thanks to Robert of course. He patiently checked and eventually corrected every step I did being always online ready to help. Before this I presented my work only on Facebook and now…tadaaaa…a Krampolinka´s website comes true.

Yesterday evening I finally finished the custom-order set I mentioned earlier and I know it is a milestone for me. I started crocheting it when Krampolinka lived only on social network and finished it when Krampolinka accessed regular internet. Things I crochet are usually connected with a story, with feeling, with mood or with a place I made them. This one is also special. It will remind me that dreams can come true.

I am really happy that you found this website. To celebrate with me I am releasing a free crochet pattern for the crochet cap from the set. Booties and mittens can be purchased here but the patterns are available only in Czech language. I am working on booties and mittens English translation right now (booties give me a hard time) and I hope they are ready when I open Krampolinka´s e-shop. So please come and check the site time to time.

A lot of crocheter´s luck with this project.

Let´s get started.

Cap Hat with a Brim free crochet pattern
Size: 42-43 cm/16.53-16.92 in (6-8 months)
Yarn: Himalaya Baby Dolphin Chenille Yarn or Yarnart Dolce white (80301) and grey (80320), pictures here

Yarn alternatives for overseas are:
– YarnArt Dolce
– Kartopu Yumurcak
– Universal Yarn Bella Chenille
– Katia Bambi
– King Cole Yumi
– Red Heart Velvety

Weight: Super Bulky
Meterage: 100 g (3.53 ounces)/120 m (131 yards) – be careful this one is a little bit thinner than Bernat blanket yarn so the result might vary
Needle size: 6 and 5
Time: at about 2 hours

Suitable for beginners

US terminology:
MC – Magic Circle
Sl St – slip stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet
DC – double crochet
BL SC – back loop single crochet
Each row starts with either 1 CH = Single Crochet or 2 CH = Double Crochet and ends with SlSt. With the use of markers you can crochet around without using SlSt.

Grey (hook 6)
1st row: 10 SC into MC
2nd row: 2 DC into each SC from previous row (20 DC)
3rd row: 2 DC into each DC from previous row (40 DC)
4th row: 1 DC into each DC from previous row, 2 DC into 20th DC and 2 DC into last DC (42)
5th-10th row: 1 DC into each DC from previous row (42)
Hook 5
11th row: 1 DC into each DC from previous row (42)

Grey – Hook 5
Fold the hat into half. Mark the halves with a piece of yarn. Count 6 DC from the marker. Here starts the brim and the first row ends 6 DC from the second marker (that is 9 DC where will be the first row of the brim).
1st row: 2 BL SC into each DC of the hat, end with SlSt into the hat, turn
2nd row: SC into SC from the previous row, end with SlSt into the hat (!), turn
3rd row: SC into SC from the previous row, end with SlSt into the hat (!), turn
4th row: SC into SC from the previous row and continue with SC around the hat.
That it is.
If you have any questions please leave me a message in a chatbox or in the form on the webpage (Kontaktní formulář).

If you like this hat and try this pattern please share your pictures in the comments for the others to get inspired.

Thank you very much for your visit.

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  • Reply K8 18.12.2020 at 5:40

    Do you have this as an adult pattern rather than a baby? I love it and any advice on how I’d make it for an adult would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much!!!


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