How to take care of crochet items


Crocheted sets/hats and so one are delicate items. Please:

  • wash manually
  • do not use the dryer
  • do not wrink the item, just squeeze the item to get out the main amount of water
  • fluff up the pompoms after drying
  • check regulary if the buttons are fasten enough to the item
  • do not let the children to play with the pompoms or chew on them

If you decide to put it to the washing mashine please wash it on the delicate wash program with max of 30°C. You should know that in this case the item can change the shape.


  • use a detergent for handwashing and for products made of yarn
  • spread a towel, spread the crochet items on it, roll it up and let the towel to soak up the water, then repeat, move it to the second towel and let it dry, you can also use a heated towel rails but put the item on the towel and only after that move it to the rails
  • use moth repellent sachets when storing the item in the closet/wardrobe

Thank you for your purchase.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me

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