Superfast Valentyne´s Heart


What to do with scraps of chenille yarn? Let´s create a nice Valentyne´s gift or decoration.

This project is superfast, fun and also for absolute beginners. Let´s try it.
Superfast Valentyne´s Heart

Yarn: scraps of chenille yarn, I believe even Bernad Blanket Yarn would work, I used Himalaya Baby Dolphin, YarnArt Dolce, you can also try Red Heart Velvety, I used 100% cotton yarn for the chain embroidering stitch
Hook: 4, 5, 6 mm
Ribbon or lace
Decorative button
Needle and thread
Time: 5-10 minutes for heart, 20 minutes for the decoration
Suitable for absolute beginners

US terminology:
MC – Magic Circle
Sl St – slip stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet

Each row starts with either 1 CH = Single Crochet or 2 CH = Half Double Crochet/double crochet.

For the bigger red heart I used hook 6
1st row: CH 6, turn
2nd row: insert the hook into second loop from the chain and make SC, continue with SC to the end, turn (5 SC)
3rd – 5th row: SC into SC from the previous row, turn (5 SC)
6th row: make a shell to the third loop, that is 5 DC, SlSt into the fifth loop
7th row: continue on the edge and make 5 SC, turn
8th row: make a shell to the third loop from, that is 5 DC. SlSt into the fifth loop. And the heart is done .

Insert hook in the middle upper part of the heart and continue with “chain/slip stitch” around the heart. Decorate with a button, ribbon or lace.

TIP: To alternate the sice of the heart, use different hook sizes (e.g. I used hook 4 mm for the small grey heart).

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