Summer Poncho Lily


I have recently come across to Esther Tg knitted fashion on Pinterest and I fell in love with her knitted poncho. Here is mine crochet version.

Very simple, perfect for beginners and relatively fast project – that is a crochet summer poncho I named Lily. I used very thin yarn YarnArt Lily Melange. Lily Melange is  100% mercerized cotton, sold in 50-gram-skein with 225 meters (1.76 ounces/246 yards). Recommended hook is 1.75 – 2 mm but I used 8 mm to create very soft and loose effect.

Summer poncho is one long stripe in rectangle shape sewn together (check photo gallery under this article). You can wear the tip of the poncho in front or in back. And if you want, you can easily make a headscarf out of it.

For the correct size:

  • width of the stripe is the measurement from your clavicular to elbow, this is the width of the base for the first row;
  • length of the strip is the circumference measured from one shoulder to the other and back plus you need to add approximately 20-30 centimeters to this measurement, e.g. I have 90 cm and the poncho in this pattern is 115 cm in length;
  • with this clues you can substitute the yarn, just follow the measurements.

For washing:

  • I recommend hand washing of this poncho. If washed in the washing machine, please use small laundry bag.

Edge around the neck:

  • I used SC for the edge around the neck. If you crochet only one SC per a row, the edging will be very firm. For softer and more flexible edging use the crochet scheme 2 SC – 1 SC.


Summer Poncho Lily, size 38-40 (M), width 35 cm, length 115 cm 
Yarn: YarnArt Lily Melange, 2 skeins for this size
Hook: 8 mm (L)
Time: at about 4-5 hours
For beginners

US crochet terms:
SlSt – slip stitch
CH – chain
SC – single crochet
DC – double crochet, from the third row insert the hook between the DC not in the loop
Each row starts with CH3 (instead of the first DC). The last DC in the row goes to th second loop of the CH3. Please count stitches!

There is a video (in Czech) bellow this article.

Lily Melange, 8 mm, double thread (only for the first row)
1st row: chain 39 (elastic chain, watch video tutorial here) + CH3, turn
2nd row: use only one thread, insert the hook in the first loop of the elastic chain from the hook and make DC, then DC in each loop of the elastic chain, turn (40 stitches)
3rd row: CH3, insert the hook between the first and second DC from the previous row and make DC, then make DC between the following stitches from the previous row. Last DC goes to the second loop of the CH3 from the previous row (not in between the stitches), turn (40 stitches)
4th – 80th row: CH3, DC between the stitches of the previous row, last DC in the second loop of the of the CH3 from the previous row (not in between the stitches), turn (40 stitches)

Poncho shape, hook 8 mm
Spread the stripe in front of you. Check the picture in the gallery bellow this article. Fold the stripe in the shape of the poncho. Joint the poncho with SC, crochet from the underside of the hem to the neck part (check video). Then turn the poncho so the seam is in seamy side. Continue with the neck edging.

Poncho neck edging, hook 8 mm
1st row: CH1, for the firm neck edging use one SC per a row, for looser edging use the scheme 2 SC – 1 SC, SlSt
2nd row: CH1, SC into each SC from the previous row, finish off.

That it is! Weave your ends and add some embellishment to your poncho.

Please quote source of this pattern (web or ravelry) and the designer name (Krampolinka) with your finished products.

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Thank you very much. Enjoy crocheting every day. It helps us to stop and relax.

Have a great day



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