Coolishek with a crochet Norwegian pattern


I had this type of coolishek on my mind for a while. I tried a knitted Nordic patterns years ago but never in crochet version. Until yesterday.

A Christmas Eve and a Christmas tree was a perfect inspiration and this hat pattern was a matter of moments. It is surprisingly easy. It would be great if anyone try it and build up on this idea to inspire others. Do not hesitate to post pictures of your projects here in the comments or on my FB page Krampolinka.

Before you start crocheting please read Useful tips. This part is build up on Crochet Lessons Learned attempts related to the pattern and I would like to update this part of the article whenever anyone add something useful for the others.


  • White yarn leads behind the blue yarn and sometimes could be seen. It looks like a part of the Nordic pattern but still I don´t like it but didn´t realized how to avoid it. I do not think that this pattern would work when you swap the colors. I believe that the transparency would be even worse.
  • The part with the Nordic pattern is tighter than the other part. Please crochet loosely.
  • If it is too tight to go through bot loops when crocheting the trees you can do only front loop crochet, it does not do any harm to the pattern
  • I did not finish a simple crochet stitch with a white yarn. I did only half and when having too loops on the hook I finished the simple crochet with a blue yarn.
  • The hat pattern is calculated for 45 SC. That means you start with a small tree and end with a small tree, that is you have two small trees next to each other.
  • This hat is crocheted from the top to brim.

So let´s try.

Baby coolishek with a Norwegian pattern
Size: 36 cm/14 in (0-1 months)
Yarn: Himalaya Baby Dolphin Chenille Yarn white (80301) and dark blue (80321), available here (only for the Czech Republic)
Yarn alternatives for overseas (USA/Canada) are:
– YarnArt Dolce
– Kartopu Yumurcak
– Universal Yarn Bella Chenille
– Katia Bambi
– King Cole Yumi
Red Heart Velvety
Weight: Super Bulky
Meterage: 100 g (3.53 ounces)/120 m (135 yards) (! be careful original yarn Himalaya is a little bit thinner than Bernat blanket yarn so the result might vary)
Hook size: 6 and 5 (I crochet pretty tight so you may need smaller hooks)
Pompom You can crochet a pompom from an eyelash yarn, tutorial here or you can buy one
Needle and thread
Decorative button
Time: at about 2 hours

Suitable for pre-intermediate

US terminology:
MC – Magic Circle
Sl St – slip stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet
FP HDC – front post half double crochet
BP HDC – back post half double crochet

Each row starts with either 1 CH = Single Crochet or 2 CH = Half Double Crochet and ends with SlSt. I do not mention it in the pattern.

Dark blue (hook 6)
1st row: 9 SC into MC
2nd row: 2 SC into each SC from previous row (18 SC)
3rd row: crochet scheme 2 SC and 1 SC, repeat around the hat (27 SC)

Now add white yarn and lead it behind the work. TIP: When you insert the hook in the loop, add also the white yarn and crochet around this (look in the gallery I took picture of the inside part of the hat). You avoid to have a loosen strings inside the hat. In the fourth row crochet each 8th stitch with a white yarn.
4th row: crochet scheme 2 SC, 1 SC, 1 SC, repeat around the hat (36 SC)

In the fifth row crochet each 9th stitch with a white yarn and start from the fifth SC.
5th row: crochet scheme 2 SC, 1 SC, 1 SC, 1 SC repeat around the hat (45 SC)

In the sixth row crochet each 9th stitch with a white yarn and start from the third SC.
6th row: crochet 45 SC around the hat

7th row: ONLY BLUE crochet 45 SC around the hat

Now add the white yarn again. Norwegian pattern:
8th row: crochet every 10th SC with a white yarn, the rest is blue (45 SC)
9th row: crochet every 9th and 10th SC with a white yarn, the rest is blue (45 SC)
10th row: blue 3 SC, white 1 SC, blue 3 SC, white 3 SC. Repeat around the hat (45 SC)
11th row: blue 2 SC, white 2 SC. Repeat the pattern from here: blue 3 SC, white 2 SC. (45 SC)
12th: blue 1 SC, white 3 SC. Repeat the pattern from here: blue 3 SC, white 1 SC, blue 3 SC, white 3 SC (45 SC)

Only white yarn, hook 5
13th row: 2 CH (substitution for the first BPHDC). Repeat from here 1 FPHDC and 1 BPHDC. Skip the last stitch so you have only 44 stitches.
14th – 16th row: 2 CH (substitution for the first BPHDC). Repeat from here 1 FPHDC and 1 BPHDC. (44)

Crochet or sew the pompom and the decorative button.

And that it is. Please click on any advertisement or share this pattern on social networks as a “thank you” for this free pattern. I would be very grateful.

If you have any questions please leave me a message in a chat box or in the form on the webpage (called Kontaktní formulář).
You can also subscribe to this website (called Odebírejte blog mailem).

Thank you very much for your visit.


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  • Reply Alice Lawrence 9.1.2017 at 19:39

    I love this pattern but I am disappointed the gloves and boots pattern are not included. Will they be added later and in English? I am most interested in these. Thanks. Love your work.

    • Reply Krampolinka 11.1.2017 at 13:39

      Booties and mitts are a paid pattern only in Czech language. Hopefully I will translate and offer either through this web or through ravelry page.

  • Reply Háčkovaný kulich Passion - 10.1.2022 at 13:34

    […] Kulich je háčkovaný od magického kroužku. Podle tohoto návodu si můžete uháčkovat dospěláckou verzi pro obvod 55-56 cm nebo dětskou 51-54 cm, viz video návod na dětskou verzi pod textem. Budeme háčkovat obyčejné krátké sloupky a ukážeme si, jak kombinovat dvě barvy tak, aby vznikl obrázek. Nejprve natrénujeme puntíky, ve spodní části kulicha máme háčkované stromečky. Spodní lem tvoří krátké zadní reliéfní sloupky, čímž u takto silné příze vznikne zajímavý praktický okraj. Podobný návod jsem zpracovala v roce 2017 z žinylky – kulíšek pro miminko, mrkněte sem. […]

  • Reply Monika Kučerová 17.8.2023 at 5:00

    Dobrý den,měla bych zájem o háčkovanou tm.modrou čepici,rukavice,botičky s norským vzorem vel.0-2měsíce. Monika Kučerová

    • Reply Krampolinka 19.8.2023 at 14:43

      Dobrý den, zakázkovou výrobu již neprovozuji. Hezký den Katka

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