Easy slouchy hat in 5 sizes


I designed this hat in December 2016 as a present for my niece and surprisingly, probably the color combination and the shape, it caught a lot of attention and recently I have seen many colored variations of this slouchy hat around the Czech facebook crochet groups.

It is called “homeleska” in Czech. No one knows where this name came from. It remains me more of a Smurf hat but either or it is quite nice and easy project almost everyone can easily do. It is perfect for spring or autumn season because it is made of double bamboo yarn. I love this type of yarn because you feel warm when it is cold and it somehow cools you when it is hot. I mean hot, but I am talking about the temperature around 15 degrees :-). Plus it is natural fiber, it has antibacterial and antistatic features so it is perfect for children.
I chose white/cream and navy blue combination and it looks really nice, trendy and unisex.

Useful tips (my lesson learned shared with you):

  • this hat is crocheted from the top, but for some reason, the hat circumference divided by 3.14 = the diameter of the “hat” circle did not work, so it is better to try, how much stitches you would need for the final circumference and count from that
  • better to be slightly tight around the head, bamboo is similar to cotton in a way so it stretches/become loose
  • I added stitches in every second row, so it makes the circle grows slowly and the final result is better
  • For the adult size you would need two balls of each color and the hat is slightly heavy
  • Before crocheting the ribbing, it is useful to try the hat on. It should be slightly loose because the ribbing makes is tighter. Otherwise you may end up with a smaller size.
  • Time to times count the stitches, as the rows switch (DC and BPDC) you might unwillingly add stitches without notice
  • Everyone is using different tightening during crocheting but here are my tested measures and stitches for different sizes
      • 45-46 cm = final 58 DC, length 22-24 cm
      • 48-50 cm = final 64 DC
      • 52-54 cm = final 68 DC, length 28-29 cm
      • 54-56 cm = final 72 DC
      • 58-60 cm = final 80 DC, length 33-34 cm

    Conversion to inches here.

    So lets start, spring is around the corner.

    Easy slouchy hat, adult size, head circumference 55-56 cm
    Yarn: I used Kartopu Bambu, cream and navy blue (100g/230m, 50%bamboo, 50%viscose), pictures here but you can also use Himalaya Deluxe Bamboo, picture here
    Alternatives for overseas:
    IceYarns – type bamboo viscose and the site pops up
    Yarn Substitution – type bamboo and search for similar meterage as mentioned above
    Hook: 5 mm and 4.5 mm
    Ribbon or Tag
    Decorative buttons – two or three, I used coconut buttons
    Needle and thread
    Time: 3-4 hours
    Suitable for pre-intermediate

    US terminology:
    MC – Magic Circle
    Sl St – slip stitch
    CH – chain stitch
    FPSC – front post single crochet
    BPSC – back post single crochet
    FPHDC – front post half double crochet
    BPHDC – back post half double crochet
    BPDC – back post double crochet
    DC – double crochet

    Only first two row end with slip stitch and start with CH2 as a substitution for the first DC. From the third row on continue crochet around the hat with the use of markers.

    Crochet one thread of blue and one cream together, hook 5 mm
    1st row: 12 DC in MC
    2nd row: 2 DC in DC from previous row (24 DC)
    3rd row: crochet scheme 2 DC – 1 DC, repeat. !!!crochet DC into gaps not in the loops (36 DC). Do not end with slip stitch, insert marker and crochet around the hat
    4th row: start with BPDC, crochet scheme 1 BPDC-1BPDC-2BPDC, repeat (48)
    5th row: crochet DC in the gaps all around the hat (if you were not lucky with the adding in BPDC, you can do it in this row)
    6th row: start with BPDC, crochet scheme 1 BPDC – 1 BPDC – 1 BPDC – 2 BPDC, repeat (60 BPDC)
    7th row: crochet DC in the gaps all around the hat (if you were not lucky with the adding in BPDC, you can do it in this row)
    8th row: start with BPDC, crochet scheme 1 BPDC – 1 BPDC – 1 BPDC – 1 BPDC – 2 BPDC, repeat (72 BPDC)
    9th row: crochet DC in the gaps all around the hat (if you were not lucky with the adding in BPDC, you can do it in this row)
    10th row: crochet BPDC around the hat (72)
    11th – 14th row: one row of DC in the gaps, one row of BPDC
    15th – 16th row: two rows of DC in the gaps
    17th row: BPDC around the hat
    18th – 20th row: DC in the gaps
    21st row: BPDC around the hat
    22nd – 23rd row: DC in the gaps

    Ribbing, hook 4.5 mm
    24th – 32nd row: one FPHDC one BPHDC crochet around (72)

    Finish off the blue yarn and add one thread of cream yarn
    33rd row: one FPSC and one BPSC around the hat, finish off

    False loop
    Double cream yarn, hook 5 mm
    Start with a SlSt to the brim at the place you want to have the loop
    1st – 7th row: CH2, 5 DC (6 total), turn, finish off


    I usually sew the free endings into the hat. Bamboo and viscose combination is slightly “slippery” so the simple knots can untie on its own. Sew the false loop above the ribbing of the hat, sew the buttons and the tag and that it is.

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  • Reply Melissa 1.11.2017 at 11:58

    Thank you

  • Reply Jana Fišerová 13.6.2018 at 12:16

    Dobrý den. Opravvdu krásná čepička…… ráda bych si uháčkovala velikost pro mininko cca 3-6 měsíců… myslíte, že velikost 48-50 cm = konečných 64 DS bude vhodná? A jak na tuto velikost? Z návodu mi to není zcela jasné. Mnohokrát děkuji a pěkný den… Jana F.

    • Reply Krampolinka 13.6.2018 at 12:32

      Dobrý den, homeleska je krásná, ale zkuste raději střih homelešanky s vykrojením a šňůrkami, bude lepší sedět a půjde zavazovat, jinak tato volná čepička pokud mimi ještě nesedí, ale v kočárku leží, tak bude sjíždět. Co se velikosti týče, tak na 3-6 bych dala cca 43-44 cm, ale nevím, jakou máte startovací velikost, naše malá měla v roku 45 cm. Také záleží jak moc utahujete a jakou přízí bude tvořit.

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