Easter Bunny Happy Hat


One of my customers, a professional photographer, asked me to make a bunny hat for an Easter photo baby props. She picked the colors and let me to create what I thought would be perfect for a baby girl. 

So I started the other day. She picked very special yarn. Soft but curly and you cannot see the stitches only feel them with your fingers. That is sometimes a problem for beginners so my recommendation is to use another thread in the same color. It works and you still are able to make this wonderful soft and fluffy baby hat.

I love this yarn. It is perfect for autumn, spring and winter season. So yummy to work with. I can imagine apart from hats also baby blankets, mitts, neck warmers, baby booties or a sleeping baby bag. I also tried a crocheted and stuffed pompom from this material and it worked perfectly (I like crocheted pompoms as the children cannot chew on loosen strings).

It also has a metallic effect and the simple the pattern the better.

Easter Bunny Happy Hat, newborn size (35-36 cm, convertor here)
Yarn: I used YarnArt Happy white (770) and pink (789), pictures here. It is micro fiber, 100% polyester, 100g/175 m. More info about this yarn here
Alternatives for overseas:
IceYarns – type “puffy” and find the one the same meterage as YarnArt Happy
Hook: 6 mm and 5 mm
Needle and thread
Time: 2 hours
Suitable for pre-intermediate

US terminology:
MC – Magic Circle
Sl St – slip stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – simple crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
TRC – triple crochet

Only first two rows end with slip stitch and start with CH2 as a substitution for the first HDC. From the third row on continue crochet around the hat with the use of markers.

Hat body, starting from the top, hook 6
1st row: 9 HDC into MC
2nd row: 2 HDC in HDC from previous row (18 HDC)
3rd row: crochet scheme 2 HDC – 1 HDC, repeat (27 HDC). Crochet into gaps between HDC from the previous row (you need to literally feel it with your fingers), insert marker to the last loop and crochet around (no SlSt). Do the counting to make sure you have exact numbers of stitches.
4th row: crochet scheme 2 HDC – 1 HDC – 1 HDC, crochet into gaps (36 HDC)
5th – 9th row: HDC into gaps around the hat, count the stitches (36 HDC)

Hook 5
10th row: HDC into gaps around the hat (36 HDC)
11th row: SC into gaps around the hat (36 SC), finish off.

EARS (crochet twice), white, hook 5 mm
1st row: CH21, insert the hook into 19th loop counting from the start, SC in the loop, continue with 5 SC, 6 HDC, 6 DC, 1 TRC, 5 TRC in the last/first loop, crochet around back 1 TRC, 6 DC, 6 HDC, 6 SC – look on the diagram below
2nd row: 6 HDC, 6 DC, 7 TRC, 5 x 2 TRC, crochet around back 7 TRC, 6 DC, 6 HDC
3rd row: 12 DC, 7 TRC, 10 TRC, 7 TRC, 12 DC.

Pink, hook 5 mm (twice)
1st row: CH17, insert the hook into 15th loop (counting from the start), HDC in the loop, continue with 4 HDC, 5 DC, 5 TRC, 5 TRC in the last loop, crochet around back 5 TRC, 5 DC, 5 HDC
2nd row: 10 DC, 5 TRC, 5 x 2 TRC, crochet around back 5 TRC, 10 DC.

Pink part sew on the white ear and the whole ear sew to the hat. You can add a piece of ribbon or a decorative button.

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  • Reply Loucillé 11.10.2017 at 11:36

    Děkuji mnohokrát za krásné, jednoduché a ňuňací návody. Zrovna tato čepulka je naprosto úžasná. Dlouho jsem přemýšlela, co bych handmade darovala své malé neteřince. A jelikož mám doma celé klubíčko příze Happy a v sobotu slaví své první narozeniny, chtěla bych jí zajíčkovou čepulku uháčkovat. Jen bych potřebovala radu, na kolik ok do MK začínat, když potřebuji větší obvod. A to je další kámen úrazu, nevím obvod hlavičky, předpokládám, že 46 cm by mohlo na roce být? Poradíte mi i v tomto, moc prosím.. 😉 Přeji Vám krásné podzimní dny. L.

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