Water Ballons: fun for kids and family


Water balloons are nothing new. Crochet ones appeared a few years ago and there are plenty of the patterns. But I made one for chenille yarns available here in the Czech Republic.

I used YarnArt Dolce but a similar substitution is Himalaya Dolphin Baby. One skein has 100g/120metres. I chose Dolce because it is certified for usage for kids under three years of age and it has the “testing” certificate from the Czech Republic (according to the Czech legislative it has to have this kind of documentation otherwise cannot be used for toys/accessories/clothes for children when you want to sell your products).

I love this crochet water balloons idea very much because:

  • I can use any kind of chenille leftovers;
  • this pattern is very fast project without weaving the ends and no stuffing is needed;
  • kids love it! It could be also fun for the whole families or even older children;
  • it is reusable, eco-friendly and washable and no plastic waste or cleaning after the game is over;
  • it is soft material.

How to use water balloons?

  • prepare a bucket of water
  • soak the water balloons in it
  • throw it after each other and run
  • after the game collect the balloons and wash them
  • we need approximately 3-4 balloons per a kid

Use in e.g. gardens, pay attention to good shoes (game involves running) and climatic condition (hat, sun cream and so one). Never leave children to play unattended!

The pattern is very simple.

Crochet Water Balloons Dolce
Yarn: YarnArt Dolce (100% polyester, 100g/120metres), similar is Himalaya Dolphin Baby, from one skein you can make 4 balloons
Hook: 6 mm (or 5 mm for a little smaller size)
Size: 11 cm width, 14 cm height
Time: at about 15 minutes
For beginners

US crochet term:
MC – magic circle (magic ring, magic loop)
SlSt – slip stitch
CH – chain
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet and HDC into gaps (insert the hook not in the loop but in between two HDC from the previous row)

First row ends with a SlipStitch. From that point the balloon is crocheted in rounds.

Video tutorial is only in Czech but you can see how the stitches are made or how to avoid weaving the ends.

Dolce, hook 6 mm
1st row: leave 20 cm of the free end and make MC, CH2 instead of the first HDC, next 6 HDC into the ring, SlSt, pull the ring tight
2nd row: CH2 instead of the first HDC, HDC into the same loop, then double each loop (14 HDC), to the following row proceed with the SC and insert marker to this place
3rd row: make first HDC in to the same place the SC is, from now on crochet HDC into gaps (in between the HDC from the previous row). Crochet scheme for this row is a repetition of 2 HDC in one gap and 1 HDC in the following one (21 HDC)
4th row: we double only every sixth gap to get 24 HDC altogether
5th – 7th row: crochet HDC into gaps (24 HDC)
8th – 9th row: decrease, crochet scheme for decrease in this row is 2 HDC together and one HDC into gaps. Stop decreasing when you have 10 HDC.
10th – 12th row: crochet HDC into gaps
13th row: double each HDC with two SC in one loop (20 SC), SlSt, finish off (leave 30 cm end)

Take the free end and pull through the inner part of the balloon to the 11th row. Here circle the end around the 11th row and pull inside. With the free end from the magic circle make a knot and pull inside the balloon. Watch video for this part.

Enjoy the game!

Please quote source of this pattern (web or ravelry) and the designer name (Krampolinka) with your finished products.

Most of my patterns are in Czech and always FREE. What has been already translated can be found at my Ravelry Library here. For more YouTube video tutorials (in Czech) you can subscribe here.

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Thank you very much. Enjoy crocheting every day. It helps us to stop and relax.

Have a great day


VIDEO (Czech)


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