Spring-summer baby hat


I came across to this interesting stitch diagram on pinterest. I believe it was copied from a pattern book. As long as I have the “picture” I just need to try any kind of a project.

This stitch is quite simple and due to its structure it is perfect for spring-summer season so I made it to the hat, size 41-42 cm (3-6 months). If you need bigger size, you can add more CH in between the clusters in present pattern or you can add more rows of HDC in the beginning and then continue with the present pattern (you will have more “columns” and thus bigger size). Also If you use bigger hook/different yarn, you will end up with different sizing.

I tested newly released yarn to the Czech market. It is a Turkish yarn, Gazzal Baby Cotton XL. Here is the company definition:

  • SUPER SOFT BABY YARN: Gazzal Baby Cotton Knitting Yarn contains great blend of 60% cotton and 40% premium acrylic to use in all sort of baby garment projects without any doubt.Regular thickness of Gazzal Baby allows to knit with both pins and hook. Great for create unique baby garment designs.
  • TURKISH COTTON: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyacril;
  • 1 BALL (SKEIN): 1.76 Oz (50g) / 150 Yrds (165m)
  • YARN WEIGHT: No.2 Fine, Sport, Baby; KNITTING GUAGE: 10cm x 10cm = 28Rows x 24sts, Recommand Knitting Needle: 3-4 mm, Crochet Hook: 2-3 mm
  • EASY TO WORK WITH: Cotton is a soft fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. Cool, soft and comfortable, cotton is presently the world’s most used fiber.

I recommend bigger hook. The project will be far softer and breathable. I also shot a video (Czech only) but I recommend to watch it for better pattern understanding.

Spring-summer hat, Gazzal Cotton XL, 41-42 cm/14 cm depth
Yarn: Gazzal Baby Cotton XL, one skein of each color
Hook: 6 mm hat, 5 mm brim
Button, tag or crochet flower appliqué for decoration
Time estimate: 2 hours
For pre-intermediate and higher

US terminology:
MC – Magic Circle, watch video here 
Sl St – slip stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
BP SC – back post single crochet
Puff stitch – three DC in one chain

Each row starts with either 1 CH = Single Crochet or 2 CH = Half Double Crochet/double crochet and ends with SlSt.

Gazzal Cotton XL, hook 6 mm, first color

1st row: 9 HDC in MC, SlSt
2nd row: double each HDC, Sl St (18 HDC)
3rd row: crochet scheme – 2 HDC – 1 HDC, SlSt (27 HDC)

From here please watch the video first.
4th row: pattern starts – SC, CH, 2 HDC-CH-2 HDC in one loop, skip one loop; SC, CH, 2 HDC-CH-2 HDC in one loop, skip one loop; repeat, SlSt (you should have 8 “columns” of the pattern at the end of the row)
5th row: puff stitch to the SC from the previous row, 3CH, SC under CH in between HDC from the previous row, 3CH, puff stitch in the SC from the previous row; repeat, SlSt
6th row: 3 HDC-CH-3 HDC in one loop, CH, SC to the SC from the previous row, CH and again 3 HDC-CH-3 HDC in one loop (insert the hook in the top of the puff stitch from the previous row); repeat, SlSt
7th row: use SlSt to get to the CH in between 3 HDC, here SC, 3CH, puff stitch to the SC from the previous row, 3CH, SC under the CH in between 3 HDC from the previous row; repeat, SlSt
8th-12th row: repeat 6th and 7th row
13th row: now is the time to level the brim. Switch 3 HDC in the “lower” part of the pattern and 5 SC in the “higher” part of the pattern, you should have 64 loops in the end, SlSt

Hook 5 mm, second color
14th-16th row: SC around the hat, 64 SC

Hook 5 mm, first color
17th row: BP SC around the hat, 64 loops

Sew in the free ends, decorate with a button, and crochet flower or a tag.

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