ToteBag Cordy


ToteBags are hit of this summer. At least here in the Czech Republic.

I needed to test a newly released “yarn” by Czech yarn producer Vlna-Hep. Cordy is 5 mm cord, 100% cotton outside and 100% polyester inside and it is sold  in 250g/100 meters per a skein. I wanted to test how far I will get from one skein. I was truly happy to make a whole bag out of it. Only from 30 to100 cm of cord is left.  The best part is that it took only 90 minutes to make it.

I shot a video because of the “v” pattern I used. I used English for the first time and I hope I will get my message through clearly.

ToteBag Cordy
Yarn: Vlna-Hep Cordy (5 mm cord, 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 250 grams/100 metres), similar is Bobbiny, Mila Snury or Prima Snury. I found similar cord on Aliexpress too. If you please find substitution to this cord elsewhere/overseas, please send a link to the comment bellow this article for the others.
Hook: 12 mm and 10 mm
Size: 26 cm width, 30 cm height
Accessories: button, ribbon, flower, pompom, marker
Time: at about 90 minutes
For beginners

US crochet term:
SlSt – slip stitch
CH – chain
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
“V” stitch – two SC together and 1 CH

Second row ends with a SlipStitch. From that point the bag is crocheted in rounds.

Please watch the video for instruction for the whole bag.

Cordy 5 mm, hook 12 mm, bottom part
1st row: chain 19 (insert the marker to the 19th loop) + chain 3, turn

2nd row: insert hook to the loop with the marker and make SC, make SC in to each following loops, 4 SC in the last loop, continue on the other side with SC to loops, 2 SC in the loop with the marker, SlSt (it is hard to pull through, so you can use different/smaller hook). You should have 42 loops, make the last loop loose.

3rd row: insert hook in the first loop, pull the yarn through, yarn over and make a SC, CH, now foundation for “V” stitch – insert hook to the next loop, pull the yarn through the loop, insert the hook to the next loop, pull the yarn through the loop, yarn over and finish SC, CH. Continue around the row. You should have 21 columns of the “V” stitch. To continue to the next row, make the last “V” stitch (this is the 22nd) in the last loop from the row and insert the hook under CH, pull the yarn through and finish SC, CH.

4th row: now regular “V” stitch – insert the hook under the CH from the previous row, pull the yarn through, insert the hook under the following CH from the previous row, pull the yarn through, yarn over, finish SC, CH. Insert the hook in the same place you have the last stitch and repeat “V” stitch.

5th – 15th row: make regular “V” stitch in rounds

Similar “V” stitch pattern but without the CH

Cordy 5 mm, hook 10 mm
16th row: make sure that all columns have 13 rows of the “V” stitch pattern, make new 2 “V” stitches, CH 10 (for handle), skip 4 columns of “V” stitch, make 6 “V” stitches, CH10 (for handle), skip 4 columns of “V” stitch, make 6 “V” stitches

17th row: make “V” stitch towards the handle, make HDC in the loop where CH 10 starts, 11 HDC under the chain, HDC to the loop where CH 10 ends, make 4 “V” stitches, HDC in the loop where CH 10 starts, 11 HDC under the chain, HDC to the loop where CH 10 ends, make 2 “V” stitches and the third (last) is finished with the SlSt instead of yarn over and SC, make the last loop loose, insert the hook from inner out, pull the loop inside the bag.

That it is! Weave your ends and add some embellishment to your ToteBag. This “V” stitch pattern is not stright, it twists to a left side a little bit.

Please quote source of this pattern (web or ravelry) and the designer name (Krampolinka) with your finished products.

Most of my patterns are in Czech and always FREE. What has been already translated can be found at my Ravelry Library here. For more YouTube video tutorials (in Czech) you can subscribe here.

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Thank you very much. Enjoy crocheting every day. It helps us to stop and relax.

Have a great day






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